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Oct 13, 2006

ok here's some total randomness!!

I completed my exam...it was almost (dare i say it) tooooooo easy....like one giant conspirisy theory;) ok so that might be overdoing it a little!!

Ummmm... I keep thinking: why do ppl have impressions of ppl? why can't we just accept reality: but no we like people in boxes..............



Clever Queen said...

I'm glad your exam was easy.
It could be a sign when your friends don't like your partner but then again..follow your heart thats what my mom always says. Hope that helps

Melissa :)

Amy said...

HEY JO!!!!
HOW ARE YOU??? hahaha, I'm glad your exam went easy, that means you'll get a good mark! I agree, people do like other people in boxes...and then the people who don't necessarially fit are usually ostrasized.

I agree with melissa, you should follow yoru heart i guess.

Love your blog!!!
Luv Amy


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