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Oct 11, 2006

Ok: hi everyone.....

So what is it about life? Why do people hate it and want to die, or love it and never want it to stop?

I think it has a lot to do with your experience of it. If its great you generally want to live it better and never want it to stop. If it's sh*t, well then the end result is pretty obvious. Or you could do the opposite and want to hope in a better life so much that we will do anything for it. Its a choice and all have to make it at some time.

But i wonder why do we? Why cant we just live simply without decisions? It would solve a lot of worry! But then what would we have to live for? One could argue that life is one big question and decision is essential. Annoying but very true, as are so many things in life.

Oh why cant life be simple!?!?


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Meke (aka mareka) said...

I have been both, in fact I can be both in a single day. I see the beauty and hope in the world and I never want it to end, I see how much potential I have to make an impact for other people and I want the opportunity to do that. Then the reality and the lonliness of my childhood, and often of now hits me ... and i remember why so many times I just wanted it to be over, yaknow? And your totoally right. Its a choice.


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