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Oct 21, 2006

ummm I've also thought of going back alot!! I's love to take Justin and show him...but, of course that is yr "house of terrors". I have few memories of it, and the few that I have are strange and often not the entire truth!!

Ummm....being strong? No i am not! If i was i could do anything I want!! I still break down when I hear Confessions of a Broken Heart by Lindsay Lohan....you should have a look meke....the lyrics may ring true with you too......And i'll come across peices of my past and break down....I'm not fully healed now, and I dont think I ever will be....Every single house that contains a child I am scared of in case something is happening in "that house". In America estimates are 1 peodophile for every square mile....That is truly scary....so many monsters that act so normal, but behind closed doors become possessed! And the governments can't cope: there are so many people who try to help: but at the same time, there are those that wish trivilise this terrible, unforgivable thing!! And they are winning!

It gets me really irritated....the system is failing the children its supposed to be protect....

Oh well.....Jo

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Meke said...

It sounds like it might be good for you to hook back up with that counsellor you used to see, alternatively, to save time and money you could call Kids Help Line (1800 55 1800) and ask to speak to Zoe (Thursday and Friday are the best times for her). If you tell her you are Joan, and that you know Mareka, she will know your (an my) story. I have talked to her since I was 14, she was the one that helped me to have the courage to speak up to the police about this.

Its worth a try if you ever want a listening ear.

:-) meke


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