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Nov 9, 2006

Ok my dad only got 8 years and can get out in July '08....damn it!!

Thats crazy Meke....just think....!! The system is screwed......


I still think some time is better than none...quite frankly, it means he isn't on the street and can't hurt animals or people. I don't really care what he gets up to in there...lol...it doesn't affect me!! Not anymore....

Meke...we are finally free...we can finally live outside the shadows that have shaped our lives these past few years..Thank God!!

I am finally at peace Meke, I just hope you can find that peace too....Its an amazing feeling!! We can finally be ourselves...without worrying about him....all things work out for good Meke...we both lead productive, successful lives and have wonderful partners that adore us...and that tells me we haven't let him win!!


1 comment:

meke said...

Yup, the main thing for me is that I know I have done what I fundamentally beleive to be right, and I have done all that I can do in our current system to ensure he doesnt harm anyone else - which is important to me especially after what happened with you. From now it is in the hands of the authroities and of God to both attempt to change his behaviour or his heart. My anger is at a system that claims to want to stop child abuse and then sentences someone to 2 1/2 years for multiple offences, but *shrugs* what can ya do!


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