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Dec 18, 2006

Alrighty...long time no hear I know....I think I make the worst blogger!!!

Ummm.....soooooo.....what has been happening in my life.....

I think I can safely say the usual. One side of the family throwing sly (and not so sly) taunts to the other etc.....ummmm I cant understand how people can be so picky. We only get about 100 years on this stupid (but very pretty) planet, and yet we waste most of it fussing about what everyone else is doing, instead of enjoying it... Seriously, who gives a sh*t if someone hasn't done something you like. Recognise and move on, I say. Help others and accept help, but also realise that you are the only one that can truly help yrself....ummm sigh....but no...people are far too worried what religion you are and whether your a 'good' whatever you are!!

Ummm...I wish people could stop this eternal fuss about religion...My mother has gotten on my back something terrible about it. Ok, so I am not a perfect christian, but that does not make me an "atheist" as she says. I have my own faith and series of beliefs, but I dont force other people to agree: neither do I believe in telling other people that their faiths are wrong. What makes me right and them wrong? Thats something I struggle with in organised religion...they firmly believe they are right and everyone else is wrong!! I would prefer to believe that it's a personal thing and its up to each of us to find our niche and our beliefs. Everyone should have that freedom to just....be comfortable in their beliefs: as long they dont hurt anyone and anything!! I think if that was the case everyone would be a lot happier and there wouldn't be all these wars over stupid differences of religion. Ok I am going to stop ranting and raving!!


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