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Feb 26, 2007

Hi all!!!

Ummm...it amazes me slightly that when I am not talking anti-Bush or anti-Iraq war how FEW people visit this site...but as soon as I do visits double and then triple....within DAYS...maybe the world is finally realising how stupid Bush and the war is..

What is also amazing me is America's blatant double standards...They are currently looking at "taking action" against Iran for starting to test nuclear etc...Well I just find that silly...Here are some stats on America's capabilities:

Nuclear program start date: October 21, 1939
First nuclear weapon test: July 16, 1945
First fusion weapon test: November 1, 1952
Last nuclear test: September 23, 1992
Largest yield test: 15 Mt (October 31, 1954)
Total tests: 1,054 detonations
Peak stockpile: 32,193 warheads (1966)
Current stockpile: 5,735 active, 9,960 total
Maximum missile range: 13,000 km/8,100 mi (land)
12,000 km/7,500 mi (sub)
NPT signatory: Yes (1968, one of five recognized powers)

And others:

Country Warheads active/total* Year of first test
Five "nuclear weapons states" from the NPT
Russia (formerly the Soviet Union) 5,830/16,000 1949 ("RDS-1")
United Kingdom <200 1952 ("Hurricane")
France 350 1960 ("Gerboise Bleue")
China 130 1964 ("596")
Other known nuclear powers
India 40-50 1974 ("Smiling Buddha")
Pakistan 30-52 1998 ("Chagai-I")
North Korea 1-10 2006[10]
Undeclared nuclear weapons states
Israel 75-200 none or unknown or 1979 (see Vela Incident)

Iran is currently only working towards nuclear weapons capability.

But at the same time it seems to me..America has had a little of a head start....at least 5,500+ weapons of a head start as well as a real capability to make more. Iran hasn't even made 1 yet and they (America) are worrying. However I find it strange that another Middle Eastern country, Israel can have weapons yet not declare how many they have or whether they have been deregulated. Isn't funny how America cannot "see" that threat but can see the real big threat in little Iran working on a single bomb....but then that's America for you!! As long you're buddies with America you can do whatever you like but dare do your own thing!!! OMG THATS TERRIBLE!! Or at least thats the way it goes until America changes its mind and doesn't want to be your friend anymore: preferring instead to bomb you and kill and torture your children. But hey who am I to judge? I am only an 18 yr old who doesn't know anything. :P...No but seriously how come I can see these things, but the people who are in their 40's just seem to have their eyes wide shut, intead blindly following and doing what they are told.


1 comment:

Tohou Lidia said...

Hey Jo!
Thanks for the stats :) I find it great that young people like you are interested in more than clothes and shoes...i thought i was the only one :) As yet, i still can't really comment on the war in iraq cause i'm still getting my head around it :) But i'll keep reading your blog and plenty of news and hopefully i'll formulate an opinion :)
Luv Amy


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