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Feb 12, 2007

Hi everyone!!

here is a question for you all...How come the most painful time in yr life can be so happy and complete? But on the other hand, the most painful times can be the loneliest.

I realised today that...maybe life isnt going the way I thought it had been these last couple months. And I don't know what to do about it. Maybe I will cope...maybe I won't...it's all about deep breaths for me right now. O i wish life was simple...I thought it was becoming so simple for the first time in a long time....but it didnt...and I am soooo tired of it...

So tired...of partners becoming distant and cold
So tired...of family fighting
So tired....of the hun drum of normal life...


I really dont want to be here right now. I dont want any of this...how easy it would be to go downstairs and just take pill after pill and just gently fall asleep...and not do this anymore...Not have any of this...life is screwed....I just wish I could cope and just live with it...but I cant any more.... I can't cope!!!


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