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Feb 15, 2007

Hi everyone!!

I was just watching Sunrise and the "atypical" political debate they have on there every week. There was the Labor leader (Kevin Rudd) and a liberal party member (whose side is currently in power) Joe Hockey (J.H) (don't quote my spelling!!) and they were at loggerheads over Iraq and the war there. Please note: whatever I say next will be slightly biased thanks to my my own leanings: but it still really annoyed me.

Anyways J.H kept saying that America is our "mate" (thanks to an alliance), and how that was one of the main reasons we went to war with them in Iraq. He said (and I quote)"It doesn't matter what the reason was, America is our mate and thats what we do for our mates (go to war)". He then went on to compare it, to when Japan nearly invaded Australia and America came to help. Well to my way of thinking, you have to question that logic, let alone the comparision. For one, it wasn't like America was being invaded. Israel & Palestine get bombed everyday, yet you don't see them invading Iraq. For two, 500 troops (that Rudd plans to withdraw) aren't really going to be missed. In fact you could almost say that even if all 1400 Australian troops were withdrawn America wouldn't really miss them. After all, whats 1400 compared to 140 000 american troops? The trouble is that dear old Howard has his head too far up GW Bush's ARSE!! Sorry it's just something that annoys me alot...

Another thing is that the political debate on Sunrise is very 2 sided. Come on Sunrise we have more then 2 party's in parliament!! Ahh well, I suppose thats the state of affairs in the world at the moment...the rich get richer and the poor get poorer....

Love, Jo

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Tohou Lidia said...

Hey Jo!
I really enjoyed this post! It got me thinking. In a way i would like Australia to be neutral but apart of me knows if we aren't in cahoots with America than who's gonna help us when we're in need?
But i agree...1400 troops is nothing. I mean, i think we've only actually had two men killed in Iraq (one because he "accidently" shot himself) compared to America who are bringing home coffins every month. It's common knowledge now that Iraq is a failure and that Bush is trying to cover his butt. I don't think the War on Terror is in cohesion with the war on Iraq. I'm of the belief that it shoudl be titled The War for Oil. Australia isn't much better. Kickbacks to Sadaam Hussein? It's completely embarressing that we have been involved in an a war but at the same time have been funding the regieme we're trying to conquer in that war.

But about the two sided thing - the greens aren't gonna get in and the democrats aren't gonna get in. They're either going to give their preferences to labor or liberal so really the debate goes back to labor or liberal again! Sometimes i laugh at democracy - we vote peopel in who aren't independent at all but are persuaded to follow their party line. It's ridiculous but what can we do?
Great post miss jo!
Luv Amy


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