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Feb 23, 2007

Hi everyone!!

Last night I was watching Insight on SBS: and it was on David Hicks and the whole debate concerning whether he should be returned to Australia or not. It was incredibly eye-opening....

David Hicks has been in Guantanamo now for nearly six years: without trial. Insight interviewed 2 former detainees and they both had similar stories of torture and both said David had experienced the same. However, lead prosecutor for the Guantanamo Bay Military Commissions, Colonel Moe Davis, refuted that. He said that: "in December of 2003, Steven Kenny spent a week with David Hicks at Guantanamo Bay. When he returned to Australia he was interviewed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and this is a quote. “Mr Kenny says that David Hicks has been treated well by the US military staff. Mr Hicks is apparently in good physical and mental condition. David Hicks gives credit to those individuals who guard him, who have treated him in a decent and human way within the limits set for them.”" Well I don't know about you, but that comment got my back up. It's very easy to simply stop torturing someone for a few weeks in order for them to be spruced up a bit and then threaten them to keep their mouth shut when the outside world comes a-knocking. Abuse is a vicious cycle and this process of abuse and threatening in order to keep the whole thing a secret happens in every abusive relationship, whether that be between a couple, between an abuser and child, or as in this case, between the incarcerator and incarderated.

Quite frankly my opinion is that he should be returned to Australia. One, the American system is obviously not working. Two, the system has been proven again and again to be unfair and unjust. Three, the American authorities have already judged Mr Hicks, as is evident by the time of incarceration, also by recent comments made by the head of the Guantanamo facility: Rear Admiral Harry Harris. He told the ABC's PM program that Hicks poses a real security threat and there are no innocent detainees.
"We are detaining enemy combatants here in Guantanamo," he said.
"That's the right of any nation at war to do that and it's an internationally recognised right.
"There's no expectation that they be tried or charged, with exception of those that are alleged to have committed war crimes." .

Now thats just ridiculous....America thinks it has this right to just dominate everything...look at Germany: it did the same thing and look how THAT turned out....millions killed!! how many innocents has America killed in their war on terror?? They have certainly surpassed the terrorist act that started the whole thing!!

However I must stress: I'm not saying he is innocent, or guilty. I am just saying he should be allowed the chance to have a fair trial with non-military jurors and judges. America has to realise it is not God....


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Mrs. Fergus said...

I agree, Jo and to the best of my knowledge, as does most of the non-American world. One thing I remember reading about the Holocaust was that 40 000 Jews were sent to concentration camps in retaliation for one Jewish person shooting a German official. I know they're not all pushover stooges like in "Indiana Jones", don't worry I do have some sense of reality. :-P
Yes America is a tad problematic, I was horrified about what Amy wrote on her blog.

mm-hmm... pie. :-P


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