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Feb 24, 2007

Hi Everyone!!

Re: Chris's and Amy's comments!!

Yeah I was dumbfounded...so much for the "war on terrorism". What the terrorists did was terrible: but what the Americans have done is so much worse. Least terrorists don't torture with the cruel intent the Americans have.

What blows me away is the fact that America and in turn the world (but more specifically America), hasn't still fully realised what's going on under their very noses!! I will always remember my mother telling me the story of going to post war Germany and asking the people that lived there "how come you didn't know what was going on?"... and the Germans kept stressing they didn't have a clue, that they were very much blind to it. Successful propaganda played a major role as well as the nieve way they just followed their leaders. To me this is what is going on today, but on a much grandiose scale. If Germany was the mouse, America is the lion.

I am sorry if I am appearing to judge the American people: I am not. I am, however judging the people in charge who should know much, much better. As one website put it, (I can't remember the exact words) many American leaders are sadists. After all dear old Mr Rumsfeld and Dubya did sign the permission orders...So whart does that make them


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