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Feb 24, 2007

Hi everyone!!

This is something Interesting I found:

To date, more children have died in Iraq than the combined toll of two atomic bombs on Japan and the ethnic cleansing of former Yugoslavia. The UN's Department of Humanitarian Affairs reports that Iraq's public health services are nearing a total breakdown from a lack of basic medicines, life-saving drugs, and essential medical supplies. The lack of clean water-50 percent of all rural people have no access to potable water-and the collapse of waste water treatment facilities in most urban areas are contributing to the rapidly deteriorating state of public health. Air borne and water borne diseases are on the rise, while deaths related to diarrheal diseases have tripled in an increasingly unhealthy environment. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports a six fold increase in the mortality rate for children under five, an explosive rise in the incidence of endemic infections, such as cholera and typhoid, and a markedly elevated incidence of measles, poliomyelitis, and tetanus. Malaria has reached epidemic levels. The WHO further states that the majority of Iraqis have subsisted on a semi-starvation diet for the past several years.
Source: Rick McDowell, Economic Sanction on Iraq, November 1997, http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Human_Rights/Iraq_Sanctions.html

Reports from UNICEF and other UN agencies operating in Iraq estimate that over one million civilians, mostly children under age five, have died from malnutrition and disease as a result of the embargo. Malaria, cholera and typhoid, which were largely eliminated by Iraq's government, have now reached epidemic proportions. Raw sewage pours into the drinking water for much of Iraq as a result of the bombing of the electrical, sewage and water systems; the electrical systems cannot be repaired due to the impoverishment of Iraq; and import of chlorine has been prohibited and is now allowed only in limited quantities.
Source: Eco nomis Sanction on Iraq: Frequently Asked Question, by the Interfaith Network of Concern for the People of Iraq, March 17, 2000, http://www.scn.org/ccpi/INOC_FAQs.html

Kinda makes you wonder what made Saddam so bad!!


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