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Feb 17, 2007

Ok hi everyone....

so what has been up in my life??

I'd have to say not much :S But you get that at times don't you??

Great points, Amy. I'd have to say regarding the point you made concerning the US coming to help us in our wars etc, I do disagree and this is why:

1. How many troops do you realy think they would send over?? Lets take the Australian troops deployed in Iraq ratioed to the total number of Australian troops 43 000:1 400: so that means that for every soldier in Iraq there is aproximately 32 in Australia or elsewhere. So lets say America would send a similar type ratio...they would send approximately 84 000 troops out of 2 700 000+ total troops . Now I don't know about you but I think there is no way that they would send that number to any war Australia started....

2. I think America is too worried about the war in Iraq to worry about anything that may start over here. In fact I think Australia is the same.

3. The only reason I think America has helped out in the past is the fact that they were threatened by who ever we were fighting. How often do they seriously "help" when it doesn't benefit them in some way??

Sorry Amy, I get pretty fired up about this type of thing..I miss you too!!



Finbarpurpleton said...

While I agree with your points I also agree with Amy. And here is why. Canada has been subjected to anti-Canadiansim because we didn't support the war in Iraq and turned down the missle defence plan. We stuck up for ourselves, but oddly enough the government still kiss their ass. I'll never understand this.


Tohou Lidia said...

Hehe Jo! I'm glad you told me what you thought! I'd rather have a friend who speaks their mind :) I agree with the ratio thing, i never knew all those figures but i'm impartial to completely withdrawing troops. But you know, i'm more likely to agree with Rudd instead of Howard and i'm probably not going to vote regarding Iraq. I'm more into Indigenous and Environmental issues. If you really wanna get fired up about stuff like this...type in this disgustingly right winged Blogger into google = Andrew Bolt. He writes for Herald Sun. I guarantee you you'll be mad at some thing he says!


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