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Mar 13, 2007

Hi everyone,

I was thinking today about celebs frozen faces: whether that be through botox or surgery, and how sad it is that society prefers this image to a more natural one that reflects life!!

I must stress I am not against plastic surgery. I am however, against anything that takes away from the naturalness of your body. I am of the firm belief that your body reflects your life: and it should be allowed a certain amount of freedom to express that! But on the other hand (and this is a completely opposing view) I would consider plastic surgery for myself: to get rid of double chins or a breast reduction or something similar. I know, I know, you think I have ruined my own theory: but I havent really. You see, I would never do ANYTHING that would take away my ability to show emotions, or the "life" lines around my face. But in saying that i guess I am still changing the natural...

See thats the confusing thing: how come there can't be anything in the middle? I feel there is this tremendous pressure to support plastic surgery and botox, or to completely go the other away and be negative towards all these things...

ahh well, I better stop over analysing everything!!



Tohou Lidia said...

I actually agree. I think changing your body for self esteem purposes is fine but i don't know why anyone would want to reverse the signs of aging on your face. Because those lines are a testimont to your life! People are so hungry for beauty that they want to stay young because we associate youth with beauty!

Great entry!
Luv Amy

Mareka said...

Hey Hon,

I think im replying to the wrong thing, lol, but in response to your post about poor sleep and medication...last year aroudn this exact time my night terrors and nightmares r4eally hit hard and that was just before I was diagnosed with PTSD. ANyways, I was given sleeping pills but the doctor didnt know I had a history of sleepign problems and o they made me go really weird with sleep walking etc, so just keep that in mind. Hope stuff picks up!


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