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Mar 16, 2007

Medication & Doctors!

Hi everyone!!

I am doing pretty well considering the hours of sleep I have been getting (haha: or lack thereof). After a really bad night last night, I decided to give in and give medication a go...I'll tell you guys in my next entry how it goes...but after last night any help would be better then trying to cope on the little irregular, shallow sleep I've gotten lately!! To say nothing of how it is affecting Justin: it isn't fair to him....expecially with the hours he works!

My tummy cramps haven't been going away either....so I am screwed..Haha: and doctors think there is nothing wrong with me: that its all in my head!! Annoys me...so I have tried to avoid them (the doctors)!!

Sigh I am really tired of it all!!

So if anyone knows of a GOOD Doctor up here: go ahead and offer suggestions!! I am willing to try another doctor: mine is annoying me, even though I like her!! Also inform me if the previous sentence didn't make sense!!


1 comment:

Tohou Lidia said...

your not....pregnant....are you???????

Well anyways, i really hope you get better!!!

Luv Amy


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