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Mar 28, 2007

Shameless Editing & Marriage Proposals

Hi everyone,

I was thinking today about our pasts: and how we shamelessly edit them.

I remember that in Yr 9, I swapped schools for a year. When I thought of my old school I could have sworn that there was a retaining wall near the Art Block. But when I went back, it didn't exist.

Traumatic experiences are also often wiped quite successfully from my memory. However they have a bad way of resurfacing if I don't concentrate on it. Trust me, my brain is a regular CDRW or tape (depends what era you are from)!! But according to many physco doctors this perfectly normal...Well....as long it is normal I guess! Hahaha: that probably the only part of me that is :P!!

Ummm and now regarding the "proposals" part. Guess what? By my 19th year I have already had 4 proposals of marriage!! My first was at the tender age of 6 (I think) (I was in a tree at the time) and my beloved partner wanted to push me down the aisle in a wheelborrow. Ummm: poor kid! He moved and that was the end of that! And there was another at the age of 10: and the gentleman involved was Amish Mennonite and 15 (little cradle snatcher) (the momentous event occured in a cubby house). After I said yes (as all GOOD christian girls do or was it more thanks to the way I was brought up?) he freaked me out a little by calling me wifey all the time. The last 2 came from my beautiful Justin. The first was when we had been dating only something like 3 weeks and it was at 3am in the morning and we had moved our bed downstairs because it was so hot! The second came later and it was at the Bowling Centre with everyone watching, with the bended knee but using my commitment ring as a ring stand in. He is planning a 3rd time with the proper ring but God only knows when that will be!!





Tohou Lidia said...

Awww...Jo! That is so sweet!!! Haha..i nearly was proposed to twice...but it was only saying things like "i'm going to marry her" in jest...haha...it was one time in Vanuatu and one time in Australia....so i'm counting them as "kind of" proposals :P

Hopefully i only want to be proposed to once - i don't like the idea of rejecting people :) How's everything going with Justin?

Congratulations by the way!

Luv Amy

Reekie said...

hi hi... i'm amy's housemate (i'm Aboriginal by the way) and I mean absolutely no offence by this - but only hope that perhaps you'll get yourself educated about the facts before attempting to debate that Aboriginal people get too much in this country ie: http://shutupicanthearthepantomime.blogspot.com/2007/03/people-are-same-world-over.html#comments

My grandmother moved my family to rocky from the bush in the 60s and scrubbed floors and cooked breakfast and bathed all the 'cocky whites' of rockhampton for pittance.. spit was worth more at the time. she did that to send her 7 children to good schools so they could become something and not get taken away from her during the stolen generation for being 'half caste' she never got government assistance and my mother didn't and neither have i.

Instead, my mother, and her brothers and sisters, were sexually assaulted by priests and nuns while away at boarding school as were 100s of other black children because they could pray on us and not the whites.

Even with this on their paths, they've become, lawyers, chefs, IT profs. University Academics, principle ballerina's and high up public servants.

I've payed my way through life myself and never gotten government help - and been worse off because of it - and I couldn't get government help not because i didnt ask, but because apparently i was over the 'earning' threshold of like 20 grand a year.

All through my boarding school life i had to deal with country kids like you in toowoomba who would assume because I was black I was getting everything paid for - my entire family sold their souls as Aboriginal people to 'make it' in a white mans world because they were given no other alternative and are only just reclaiming their heritage.

Your post offended me to the limit, it's made me mad, it was immature and unthought out.

I'm telling you this so you don't in the future say something similar to a black person that isn't like Amy... one that would kick you off your highhorse and cut you so far down that you'd want to go back in time and make your ancestors go back to where they came from.

Three words you should google to understand Black Australian History a bit better.

1. Stolen Generation
2. Genocide
3. Assimilation.

I suggest you watch, The rabbit proof fence too.

(I also apologise in advance if you are offended. It isn't my intention)


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