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Mar 22, 2007

Thanks Guys!

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the comments!! The funny thing was that later that day it started to rain and I went to CQU...

I am in a firm believer in that dreams can predict life: or be the opposite! I always look back to my dreams and see if they relate to my current life...You'd be amazed at the similarities and also the differences....

Another funny thing twas that I woke up felling ill this morning: but then I think that was mostly the fact i had gotten up early and had chinese the previous night: a deadly mix!


1 comment:

Finbarpurpleton said...

I wonder if the fact that it rained was conicidence. I mean it was already predetermined you'd go to CQU because you have a class that day. Maybe thats why you dreamt about it.

But then again I had a dream that my friend Amy came to my house wearing a purple sweater to say good bye before she went to Canberra and that actually happened.

And a while back I dreamt that Kayla my old flatmate had moved back and she did except a diferent flat. Perhaps I just added that up in my head because I knew she was coming anyways.

But I do believe dreams have relavance in the waking life and can say things about how you are feeling and such.



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