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Apr 13, 2007

Assignment Thoughts & a Cup of Soup!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Jo's piece of paradise.

Firstly, I finished my assignments on time!! And if I dont say myself they aren't too bad....but I always think that and then BANG!!! I get a F!!! oh well I am sure I will be fine. This time I was relatively relaxed about them. I didn't sit crying on the stairs. I didn't run about screaming with my head cut off!!! I was calm....tired and going mad but calm....amazing....

Ummm....cups of soup!! They are my new addiction....I like having them for breakfast for some reason :S But they are reasonably healthy I guess!!


1 comment:

Tohou Lidia said...

Hi Jo!
Haha - i know what you mean about the assignments - i get so stressed!!!

For some reason, i've never liked soup. It's a shame cause they're so easy to make and cheap as well. But i just don't like the texture i guess!
Luv Amy


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