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Apr 16, 2007

Birds and Babies

Hello Everyone,

I'm getting a bird this week!! So I am busy organising myself for the newest member of the Jo and Justin Clan....maybe by this time next year we will have welcomed another, much more important and long awaited for member. Just maybe another dream will come true, one Justin and I have been waiting for for quite some time! And no, that's not an announcement!! But trust me, you will hear it here first!!

Good on me!! I just managed to compare a bird and a baby!! lol... But in saying that, as soon as I get it (the bird, not the baby lol) I will write and inform you as to what it's like!!

So, what has happened in my life today? I spent it doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING....nada....I was very lazy! Maybe my username should be lazy@home!!! And it was just so nice, to just sit in silence and do what I wanted...I didnt get dressed till 3:30.....haha I am terrible. But, it is the first day of the holidays, so I think I am entitled to it!!

I am obsessed!! Terrible me,


1 comment:

Mumbles Breastington said...

I want Joan and Justin to get a bird and name it Mumbles because Mumbles is are a funny name. :->

Do you are know who this is?


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