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Apr 25, 2007

Momentary Thoughts About Emo's and Mumbles

Hi all!!

Sorry about not posting anything lately: have been distracted by Sims 2: that game is addicitive!! Ahhhh well, better to be addicted to that than anything else!! Sigh!

Mumbles is doing very well...keeping happy and amused: shockingly! She is very pretty and lovable!!

I was watching this thing on these girls that commited sucide last week...it's really sad. But anyways, it really worried me that they kept blaming it on the fact that they were "Emo". Screw checking out their family or school situation or anything like that: lets blame it on the fact they were part of this subculture. And what really got me was this comment I heard on TV: "What to do if your child becomes friends with an Emo?". How biased is that?

I got this from Wikipedia:
Jodie Gater and Stephanie Gestier, both 16-year-old students at Melbourne's Upwey High School, were missing for a week before their bodies were found on April 22, 2007, hanging from a tree in the Dandenong Ranges National Park. Their peers mentioned that these girls where known to take part in the emo subculture. Jodie Gater also posted a series of suicidal poems on the internet in the months before her death. From last December to February, on one of her websites, Jodie posted three odes to suicide, the second one titled Suicide in the Night. It reads: "It's over for me, I can't take it! I hear it over and over again, It feels like it always rains."[17] Another of Jodie's Myspace websites reads: "Let Steph n me b free."[18] Meanwhile, Stephanie also posted a series of photos on a website on March 28 and 29, just over three weeks before she was found dead. Her website profile said: "i dont wanna know how many friends you have cuz i dont have any anymore (sic)." ."[13][19]
On the website of their band, Bitchy, a message "RIP Jodie & Steph" was posted, apparently before their deaths.[20]

I just find it amazing that people are so quick to judge this form of subculture. It's like they are scared of people showing emotions. Its almost like we are not allowed to be sad. And that scares me!!

I found this comment interesting, coming from a self confessed "emo" kid: "We emo kids come in all shapes and sizes. We may wear weird clothes and have weird hair, but we really are pretty cool people. If we seem to be a little too obsessed with MySpace self-portraits or the colors black and dark black, just know behind all of the mascara and tears, we are no different than you. Therefore, if you happen to see one of us walking around campus listening to sad music on an iPod or wearing oddly colored plaid clothes, do not be afraid of us. We are actually quite fun to be around, well, at least when we aren't crying" Check out the website for the full article: http://media.www.studentprintz.com/media/storage/paper974/news/2007/03/06/Opinion/No.One.Understands.Just.What.It.Is.Like.Being.A.Emo.Kid.In.The.South-2758286.shtml

I dont know...it just saddens me to think the world is so quick to judge!!



Tohou Lidia said...

Hey Jo!
I was so confused about how these two girls made it onto the cover on the major broadsheets in the same day. Not that there passing wasn't sad - i mean any suicide, regardless of age or ethnicity, is sad. But kids commit suicide every day. What was so special about these two? I thought - maybe the suicide pact and the fact they both did it together. But if it was two christian girls it probably would have only made the local news, or at least a small paragraph on a back page int eh Australian. So I think it's all a part of the media's spreading of a moral panic in regards to emos. I agree with you - you just can't blame it on the subculture. The subculture didn't make them depressed. Teh subculture did not make them want to kill themselves. I think to be suicidal you have to have a lot of issues. It's not a light thing taking your life. I don't think it's plausible to even consider that being emo had any factor in their deaths!

Obviously they were hurting over somethinig else and the media is missing the whole point.

Totally agree with you Jo!

Luv Amy

Finbarpurpleton said...

I completely agree with you. Sorry if it may have seemed that I didn't the other day when you were telling me about it.
Its sad how the media has to lable everything including subcultures.



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