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Apr 9, 2007

Moments in Time

Hi Everyone,

I have arrived. Where I have come from I do not know. And where I am heading I cannot tell. Yet, I am happy to stay in the moment: in this perfect aura of life where I currently reside. For this moment is fleeting and will never come again.

That perfectly describes as to where I am at. I feel contented for now, in this moment.

I went through a real rough period at the beginning of the year...Only one or two people know about it, which for me is suprising. But in saying that, it was something I had to work through. Now all of a sudden, I am remarkably content, healthy and above all things, happy! My relationships with other people and more importantly, my partner are back on track. My mind is in the place it should be and above all, my health has improved. My mind, body and relationships are all perfectly aligned in this spectacular moment in time...

And for that I am thankful. I think God gives us these moments so we can truly understand what life CAN be. Instead of chaos, there is peace, tranquility and balance. I hope in that moment before my death, whenever that may be, I will experience this perfect melding of worlds.

But for now I cling to this moment. In a life like mine these dont come often.

So to life, indeed to God, I would like to say thankyou for giving me this brief moment in time. This moment which restores my faith in humanity, and above all life. I hope that life treats my friends, family and partner to the same fulfilling moment. Because this moment, will wipe away all sadness, will remind that you are LOVED. And when it comes to you accept and savor it. Because you will be so glad that you did.

I AM ALIVE, my friends. And this moment reminds me of why I am. And who I am. And above all of how I came to be this person.


1 comment:

Finbarpurpleton said...

Yay! Your alive! I know that a person is blessed if they wake up breathing every morning and are not in terrible distress. I agree there has to be a balance.



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