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Apr 2, 2007

Opinions & Thoughts

Hi Everyone,

Isn't wonderful how we can share our thoughts and opinions? During a recent stage I was moaning about the fact that someone had offended me by something they said. Ummm...and then I thought: but thats their opinion!! I was judging them for judging me by something I had written judging another topic. And by getting offended I was actually encouraging this person to hate more. Which was wrong: very wrong! I was allowing my views to rule my life: which is so wrong....

Essentially, I was doing the very thing I hate and never wanted to see in myself. Now my mother, as much as I love her, can be very judgemental and I didn't want to become that person. You know, the one that just cancels everything out because it doesn't adhere to their own views. And that pisses me off: I cannot stand it!!! Yet I was doing it myself!!

So anyways....lol


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