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Apr 4, 2007

Teen Pregnancy

Hi everyone!!

I was thinking today about teen pregnancy: and how society seems to condem it. I understand that in today's society it can be considered not "the greatest" thing in the whole wide world...but why condem those that have planned, and seriously thought about it?

Teen pregnancy has been around for thousands of years. why then in the last hundred, has it become so unfashionable?? To say nothing of the judgement you recieve.

I was looking after a friends kids once and we (partner and I) were going shopping. Now we both dress well and the kids too....but regardless of that, I just felt everyone staring at us and treating us so differently to when it was just Justin and I. It was almost like an atmosphere of pity decended. It really annoyed me because regardless of what the facts are, people can be so judgmental!!



Tohou Lidia said...

Yeah - there is definately a social stigma attached to it. I think the idea of "success" has changed in recent years. Maybe two decades ago - to be successful would have been to be happily married with a husband - now it's to have a career and then get married later in life...

I say if you are financially and emotionally secure and have a loving partner then there is nothing wrong. I think it's just the fragile nature of relationships these days that have peopel worried! But no one has the right to judge - definately not :)

Luv Amy

Finbarpurpleton said...

The world is confusing my mom was a teenage mom, barely. She was 19 but she told me how she had a bad stigma attached to her. And because she was having a baby out of wedlock it was even worse. Then again it was the 1980s so I am sure societies view on these matters has changed in 22 years that I have been grazingly this dastardly confusing planet I call home.

I agree with that people don't have the right to judge others on certain matters. I grew up with people judging my family specifically my little brother becuase of his disabilities. I know what you mean by the "atmosphere of pity" I could feel it when I was with my brother and they thought I was his mom and I was 14! He was 7! How messed up is that? It just seems like people jump to entire conclusions too quickly and its not fair.



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