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May 1, 2007

Tiredness and Hormones

Hi guys!!

Have been going through a bit of downer lately, for whatever reason...my hormones are all over the place!! Tired and lots of mood swings, so my beloved has had to put up with a lot lately!! Poor Man!!

Ah well, I am sure I will be fine, the time before my period is always the worse for this stuff...Often its the shadow before the dawn thats the worse time!! But I am ok!! And will survive...

Sorry about that sudden flash of self-centredness!! Now on to my gripe of the moment: tiredness and exhaustion: which is also self centered!! It so annoying getting up in the morning nearly as tired as when I went to bed...and in the arvos, wanting to have a nap, which screws with my sleeping schedule even more!! This last week has been really bad for it, and it sux cause I have assignments and stuff to do like, GET WASHING DONE. and CLEAN HOUSE!! Umm, all three excite me no end...let me tell you!!


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