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May 7, 2007

Splinter Christian Groups and Kidnapping

Hi everyone,

Sorry about my long time absence!

So what am I going to talk about today? Well I am going to talk about that man who took his children away on an access visit. They were found in Tasmania, apparently happy and well...

Well, I must say something different. So far all I have seemed to hear is their parents ideas on what the children think. The children themselves haven't ever been allowed to speak without their parents present.

No I must say, when I saw the man involved with the children, alarm bells started ringing. For one, he seemed to be extremely overacting...you look at his face and what he is saying isn't reflected there.

For 2: the way he was touching his children had me deeply concerned. Putting it bluntly, what father puts his hand on his daughter's bottom when she is sitting beside him?

For 3: The happy families act seemed a little forced at times to me.

You see this family (particularily the father) were involved in a "splinter christian group"...ummmm which made me sit up and listen. As you all know (and am probably sick of hearing about :P) my family used to be involved in one these groups. And in my experience the men in these groups are controlling, manipulative and above all abusive! So yes I am not buying the whole story! And it annoys me that the media has been so quick to take sides, and not even consider the poor kids. To me it's been very one sided. Have they even taken time to talk to people that have been in these groups as children?? To see their experiences?? So why do they try to throw a blanket over it? I guess I just find it frustrating that people don't understand how these groups work: especially regarding children.

Anyways thats all I can think of for now...


1 comment:

Chris the Pencil (for want of a funnier nickname) said...

This is an interesting entry, Jo. I'm curious now (although it might not be the most pleasant question to ask), are you able to recognize adults who abuse children? It's intriguing...


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