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Jun 13, 2007

Drowning in a Sea of Superheroes: That Don't Exist

Hi everyone,

The headlines read "Bashed boy broken, bruised". (http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,21901376-2862,00.html) Poor kid: I just think it sux that society is taking so little notice of this story. Yeah we need superhero adults to rescue us. But where are they? Everyone is scared to speak up. I only had support from a few of my Friends when I reported. Where were the adults? They were involved in their own little worlds: or too scared to speak up. See this is what annoys me about this new ad campaign (about childrens abuse): titled "We can be super heroes". Yeah right, when it's not someone you know or someone in your family. Or when the abuser is the perfect, religious adult.

Yep, so much for the super heroes comment. I honestly believe the children are the super heroes. We survive: barely at times, but we do. We try to speak up, but are drowned in a sea of voices demanding on how this "problem" should be solved. Well, considering this problem has been around since the beginning of time (and hasn't just emerged as many suggest), I doubt it ever will. And it isn't a problem: it's an entire societal ideal. Just look at the stats: http://www.aifs.gov.au/nch/sheets/rs1.html. Look at the chart: how come there is such a differentation between substantiated reports and notifications? And why are Aboriginals are seemingly more targeted for substantiated claims (They have higher substantiated claim figures)? That figure shouldn't exisit: the statistics should be the same: everyone should have equal rights! Either way, someone is being discriminated against.

Ok: I have had my bitch now....


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