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Jul 18, 2007

Dear Mr Prime Minister,


Joan P here. You don't know me, but you will by the end of this letter...

I am 19 years old and am an uni student. And I would like to say, money you are giving my classmates and I to study is ridiculous. $400 a fortnight is nowhere near enough for all the expenses entailed for simple living and uni expenses. Many of my friends are living on even less and would be quite frankly, considered to be living below the poverty line.

Thankyou also for giving me the pleasure of having a $10 000 uni debt. It's truly a pleasure so that we can mantain Australia's infrastructure, keep the newspapers running and teach your children and grandchildren. That's if you don't starve us in the meantime.

And oh yes, your child protection service is truly doing a good job. It's strange: they didn't have the time or resources to remove me from a sexually and emotionally abusive household, which I begged to be removed from, but have the time to bother a friend of mine who simply missed some ante-natal appointments, and whose toddler has learnt to escape from the yard, but whose children are well fed and well looked after. Isn't strange it takes 6 months to check up on me, but only a few days for my friend?

Ah yes Mr Howard, you have done plenty for me. One suicide attempt down and plenty of councilling to go, I doubt if I can ever truly say you have been helpful.

So thanks,

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katrina said...

yes this is so true... and i love how you put it... but also what about people like me...

living away from home... doing a course that ins't classed as 'schooling'

no help from centerlink at all becasue i can't fit under any of there bracets ...

however i have a 17000 $ debt for one year of uni which could have been 1600 $ if i had recieved an op 4 instead of 7... for exactly the same teaching. which is a load of sh*t

i have bills to!

renting isn't cheap... i have a phone, bed and fuel to pay for. oh and lets not forget the food which i hardly eat because of my other expenses.

im only allowed to work up to 38 hours but rarely even get to 30. on a sh*t wage of 11$ paid fornightly. now how is that fair...

everything is rising : price of fuel, price of food, prices of clothes except for my wage... tell me how that is suppose to work

yes i will get by but for all those lucky arseholes out there cheating the system its people like me and you missing out.

you can't tell me im living a life of luxury wen i get 1 day off... and that is only enough time to get the house in order and wash. let alone have a life for friends.

im very grateful for what i have don't get me wrong just wen is it time for the little guys that work their arses off to get some praise for the effort we put in or the strength to keep going.

all power to you joan... your a great writer! keep up!
kat x


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