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Aug 26, 2007

8 Random Things

OMG Amy! You certainly know how to set completly random tasks. However in the interests of friendship I will attempt to achieve this...or at least give a half arsed effort! Oh yes, and it's a good excuse to procrastinate.

1. Justin and I's engagment party has a definite date now: 15th March 2008. Unless we change our minds again... Which is possible.

2. We don't have a wedding date: so don't ask.

3. I like...no make that love... bubble baths. ummmm, yummy!!

4. I am the world's worst procrastinator: I have two assignments due over a week ago that still aren't done. Don't worry but: one will hopefully be finished today!

5. Justin chipped his tooth last night...on some hard candy i made. Poor baby.

6. I have just had my hair cut and dyed. It looks nice. It's a little darker than it used to be, with blonde streaks. It's a bob now!

7. I am a sex fiend. I like it a lot. But you all know that don't you?? ;)

8. Justin and I want to have lots of babies. At least 4. We joke the maximum is 12. But somehow I dont think we'll exceed the number that can fit in a normal Tarago or something similar (which is 6). We even have a name list we add to when we hear something we like. It goes like this.

TAHLIA (Female - Hebrew)
Morning dew

ELIZABETH (Female - Hebrew)
Consecrated to God

VICTORIA (Female - Latin)
Winner, Conqueror


KIMBERLY (Unisex - English)

ANNA (Female - Hebrew)

MAREE (Female - Hebrew)
Long awaited for


TIMOTHY (Male - Greek)
To Honor God

LACHLAN (Unisex - Celtic/Gaelic)
From the Lake

JAMES (Unisex - Hebrew)


ZACHARIAH (Male - Hebrew)
Remembered by the Lord

TROY (Male - Celtic/Gaelic)
Water or Footsoldier

MICHAEL (Male - Hebrew)
Who is like God?


HAILEY (Female - English)

KATHERINE (Female - Greek)
Pure, Virginal

JUNE (Female - Latin)
Born in June


SAMUEL (Male - Hebrew)
His Name is God

GRANT (Male - Celtic)

ARAGON (Male – Middle Earth)
Strong Current


MIRANDA (Female - Latin)

REILLY (Female/Male – Celtic/Gaelic)
Descendant of Roghallach

FAITH (Female - English)


MARCUS (Male - Latin)

DANIEL (Male - Hebrew)
God is my judge

RICHARD (Male - English)
Strong Ruler

LUCAS (Male – Greek)
From Lucania

BRYAN (Male – English)
High, Noble

EDWARD (Male – English)
Wealthy Guardian


MARCO (Male – Italian)

HENRY (Male – German)
Ruler of the Home

NICHOLAS (Male – Greek)
Victory of the People


MIKAYLA (Female – American)
Who is like God?

PATRICIA (Female – English)

MAY (Female – English)
Goddess Mala

The names (as a rule) contain at least one family name. My family has a long tradition on passing down names, so we have a lot of Bryan's, Nicholas's and Michael's. Bryan (grandfather) and Marcus (cousin) for example come from family members who have passed away. Justin's side of the family contributes with the June's and May's.

Yes, we are baby obsessed!!!

So there is my list. Sadly however, I don't have 8 friends to send it to.


1 comment:

Tohou Lidia said...

you know what? I think i am becoming similarly baby obsessed!

I can't wait for your engagement party - even i'm not invited i'm going to gate crash :P I think i actually have a nother friend getting married in March so it'll be perfect! I think it's great to have baby names from your family. I know i'm naming my first child Raul Sterling - Sterling after my dad. I think it's something they can be proud of when they get older!



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