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Aug 15, 2007

Abuse and Aborigines

Hi everyone,

Tonight I feel convicted to write about Aboriginals and what is happening in that whole arena. I must say however that this obsession is only caused by procrastination and assignment procrastination at that!! However it is a topic that I find fascinating on so many levels!!!

Firstly, I must say I believe in equality. And I do believe that in this case severe inequality is occuring.

I think it is tragic what is happening in the NT. I support strong action against child abuse: but it should be for everyone, just not one particular group. I say to the PM: look a little closer to home!!! And don't judge an entire people based on a few terrible crimes! Which I might say, chances are they learnt from: THE WHITES! In other words, us. It has proven time and time again that abuse is learnt that abusers can and often do, create abusers in the abused. It doesn't always happen, but it does happen. In this case, I think this is what has happened.

But I must go now: I am very tired!!



Mrs. Chris' Self said...

Hi Mrs. Joface!

I'm not a political person, nor do I think I know enough to commentate on indigenous affairs. I am becoming steadily more knowledgable in race politics and aim to research more about it as time are goes on. I am trying to understand where you're coming from.

Shall I convert to your religion? Is there are ranks? Are there services? :-P

Tohou Lidia said...

i totally totally agree Jo!!!

That's what i found so weird - there is child abuse in EVERY community in Australia - it deserves exactly the same awareness and long term solutions!

Hey hopefully i'll see you in october! Coming home for my birthday and might be having a small party but i'll tell you about it when i know more!

Luv Amy


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