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Aug 9, 2007


Dear all,

Why do simple comments send me off?? Justin's father (whom I adore) just had to go and make a comment.

You see, Justin and I plan to have a friend's kids tomorrow. Justin has football in another town and so we were going to take them. Of course we were going to tell their parents and cross our t's and dot our i's just as we always have. But, no Justin's dad just had to say something. He inferred that if Justin and I had a crash on the way there the kid's parents could sue us. No doubt they could. But we always drive carefully when we have the kids. Additionally, we have had them many times before, and so you would think if they had a concern, his parents would say so before. It really shook me up that someone would DARE infer that Justin and I could not properly care for these children. For fuck's sake, I have done so much childcare in my time and I also have done a childcare course. In fact, I would infer that I know a great deal about child safety. My greatest fear is that something would happen to a child in our/mine care, simply because I know all the risks. To the point that I am semi-paranoid about it. And then Justin's dad tops it all off with a "if you get in trouble, don't come to us". Justin's parents can be too protective sometimes and it frustrates me. Lots of things can happen when you care for someone else's kids: we both realise that. And Justin is likely to agree with them about what they said and refuse to take the children for a day out!! But to take away a child's influence in my life: that would kill me. I love having that little being to lavish my love and care on. Sadly because of all the problems Justin and I have had conceiving our own little being, I cannot have my own and that hurts like hell. To not be able to have that outlet, that would kill me. And plus I don't want to live my life in fear: I have done enough of that!

But that comment just hurt so bad. And it frightened me. And I can't cope. Can't cope with people inferring shit anymore. I tired of it all....


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Finbarpurpleton said...

I know what you mean Jo. I've always been told to no worry what people say or think about you, but its easier said then done. I'm sick of people implying stuff too.
Also YOUR not stupid for feeling this way.



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