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Aug 22, 2007


Poor Dr Haneef: everyone wants to crucify him don't they?

Let's pick on his legal team for releasing information. Actually lets not. I think its great they have been honest and open. Not like our government: who is keeping information secret in the "interest of national security". Ummm, makes you wonder if we are turning into America doesn't it? But I forgot: we are. Our Prime Minister is too far up George Bush's arse.

Gotta love it. Lets accuse someone simply because he hung out with his cousins (who happened to be terrorists) when he was in the same country. Actually, let's just do that to everyone who has cousins who have done the wrong thing. I am sure many of us would be in prison by now if that was the case.

It's great isn't it? Paranoia has taken over and sanity has left the building.......


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