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Aug 9, 2007

Nudes and Bills

Dear Everyone,

Welcome to my life. Sigh.

I have realised I have gotten very good at postponing paying bills, and cleaning. Ummm...neither of which is good! It's not very good at all....but least now I am starting to feel guilty for it. Ah yes, but the money god lives on. Sadly however, not in my pocket. It's funny, John Howard has all this money to spend on election promises, but can't put any in my pocket, or my struggling friends. I must say however, a lot of the problems have been caused by my own stupid spending habits!!

I am living, in a very confused state. My head is entirely FUCKED! FUCKED I say! Ummm...I wonder if it is due to my sudden interest in nudity: yes!! I said nudity!! I for one, encourage nudity in small doses and in the privacy of one's own home!! I think it's good to be comfortable with your body in this way. You also realise just how damn uncomfortable everything in your house is!

Ummm, goodbye cheery world!!!


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