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Aug 29, 2007

What is the government doing about the abused children?

What is the government doing indeed? Beyond throwing a couple of extra police in the Northern Terroritory and punishing a whole population instead of those that really need to be punished. What have they done for the abused child living next door to them? And chances are that there is a child living next door or in the house with, a politician. Stats I have heard range from in 1 in 3 girls are sexually abused to 1 in 6: or that works out to be in 1 in 10 houses. And that doesn't include the guys! Everyone is suffering from this epidemic, they sadly just don't realise it yet. We like to live in a lala world, where it can't happen to us or anyone we know. Sorry everyone, but you all know someone who has been abused. But sadly it's not too high on the election campaign list!!

But how to deal with it? How do you deal with something that people, quite frankly, are petrified to talk about. Well, I say firstly it shouldn't be a taboo topic. There have been giant steps made in this, but it is still not enough. People are always shocked about when I talk about my own experiences. But I say be open and up front with it. If you don't it just keeps festering and growing. And secondly of all, the police should start believing the child a little more. The family maybe appear to be this perfect family but often that is sooo not true. And by the time they have realised that they should have taken the child out of the household, it usually too late and the child has been manipulated or frightened into believing it never happened. And the damage is done. Thirdly, there should be better punishments for offenders. My father gets out next year on parole. He is a sick, sick man who abused at least 4 girls and did other terrible things. Where is the justice for the victims? You cannot tell me he is rehabilitated. He has so many chances to do that in his life I doubt he has changed. And I know for a fact this happening all around Australia.

But does the government listen? No. They want to simply sweep under the mat: or say the only problem is in a few aboriginal communities. Yeah, right Mr Howard.



Woo McChristopherington said...

Hello Joface,

Yes, we all know people who have suffered sexual abuse as children -- including you, I know two and I also know two people who suffered physical abuse as children. It's always felt weird for me because I've never suffered growing up, other than the odd bout of being picked on at school. I understand more and more about how things like sexual abuse effect people in the long run and it's never a nice sight or thing to know.

Maybe someone should are write "Dear Mr. Prime Minister"?

Here's something great: because of APEC it's going to be a bitch to go see Jeremy because apparently his house is within a zone that people won't be allowed into unless they have some form of ID! RAH!


Tohou Lidia said...

I totally agree with you Joan! The whole thing has been a national emergency, for the whole of Australia, for a long time!

I really think you have a story to tell that could empower so many young and old women who have been victims of sexual abuse. And i do think you are one of the few people who have the strength to act!


Lavonn said...

Interesting to know.


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