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Sep 6, 2007

APEC and other things....

Isn't APEC wonderful? Lets shut down half the city only to have a few idiots from Chasers War on Everything prove that the whole system is utter crap. Gotta love it.

And then lets stop a vanful of protesters and search them for drugs. Come on the Australian government. Just because half the American government is here does not mean we have to start acting like them. Oh wait that's right. If we do whatever America wants us to do they are going to say really nice things about us. And guess what that means? Johnny Howard can blush and giggle away like a schoolgirl. It's sickening.

Oh, and did you hear that they have just recently arrested a large number of people in Brisbane for child pornography charges. And they are all shocked that a minister and 2 teachers were involved. This is what makes me so angry: they suspect a few minority groups, but never a minister or a teacher, and then act all shocked when they are discovered in possession of child porn. Come on. Look at the stats. Most abused children are abused by someone they know and who their parents trust. And who fits that better than a minister, teacher or family member?? And, as a parent, it is so easy to become complacent.

And I am not sorry for saying this, but the Christian religion (especially in the conservative sense) has so many loopholes to allow the abusers to use them. I think there are many good aspects of the Christian religion, and it is true that anyone can find these loopholes in any religion. However I know in my own case, my father was brillant at using the bible to justify his behaviour. And he always said, "oh yes but you must forgive me: it's not christian to not to/God says you must". And I am sure that large numbers of abusers out there have used the same excuse: and to children who are brought up in this faith, to be seen as less than a believer is a terrible thing.

But oh well. While a conservative is in power, I doubt we can have real debate about this.


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