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Sep 8, 2007

I'm stealing Amy's Idea

I was just reading a friend's blog and she had listed everything she liked about life. And I thought: "What a great idea: I'll plagiarise it"!

So here are list of things I love about life.

1. Nature. I adore the world around me. I am always amazed by its complexity, its colours, its smells. I love to go out and take deep breaths of it: just absorb it all. It always amazes me that I love nature so much, because I love being inside so much (and don't particularily like dirt). But I guess that gives you a greater appreciation of it all (except dirt: I swear my mother has given me a phobia of it). One day I want to get a big chair or outdoor set for the front patio and just be able to sit in comfort (hint: It would be a great birthday/christmas present: and would mean outdoor dinner parties for everyone).

2. Music. I love music: all types. I can be moved by Pavarotti one minute and Britney Spears the next. Music is the great equaliser and the great party starter. You have music for certain moods, and I know personally, I link music with certain events. It has always been the great comforter for me and I think a support network. Music is something that links deeply to my soul.

3. Babies. I love babies. I love their smell. I love to cuddle them and hold them close. And I think nothing comes even close to that feel and hold of a baby. I think they are truly the best things in the world. Exhausting, but well and truly worth it. For every 10 exhausting minutes there is one of bliss that makes it all better. I cannot understand people who don't want them in their lives: they are the ones missing out in my opinion.

4. Sex. I do like sex. And I don't hide it. I think people who say they don't, obviously are lying or are doing it with the wrong person. And to those who aren't doing it all, I support you fully and I say you are strong individuals but you are missing out!

5. Friends and dinner parties. I do like a good dinner party with friends. I love cooking a huge meal for lots of people and just sitting down and eating and talking. I like deciding what to cook. I like deciding who to invite. I like spontaneous events full of laughter.

6. Procastination. I do like to procrastinate. Unfortunately of late, it has turned into a terrible, evil monster. It's kinda like the saying goes; "Procastination is like masturbation. At first it feels good, but in the end you're only screwing yourself". How true!!

Thats my list for now..Can't think of anything else!!


1 comment:

Tohou Lidia said...

hahaha! i'm a bit embarressed Joan cause you did it so much better than me!!! I totally agree with you about music! I like anyone - I adored Britney when she first came out and even though she's pop, sometimes i still like her songs! And definately friends and dinner parties! Love it!

Luv Amy


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