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Sep 12, 2007

McCann's Mistakes

Hi everyone,

I'll admit it: I have become obsessed with the McCann case: along with half the world I think.

The poor baby, and yes, I think her parents did it (by accident). But I must stress: that is only on the information I have read so far. If some other information appears than I am quite happy to concede I am wrong: in fact I would love to do so, as it isn't a very nice thing to think about anyone.

I think there has been (up until the last few weeks) a real feeling that they couldn't do it: because they are doctors etc. I say that makes no difference. If a teacher can be an abuser, so can a doctor. I actually know someone who was abused by a doctor!

But in saying that, I don't think they were actually abusing their children (again I could be wrong). I think however they are at the very least, guilty of leaving their children in the apartment: come on!! You don't leave 2 yr old twins and a 3 yr old by themselves. They made a choice to not have a babysitter (which was avaliable at the apartments), not just on that night but many of the other nights they were on holidays. Not only that, but the actual distance between where they were and the apartment was quite considerable. Yes it was 60 metres away directly, but to walk there took much longer (including the fact that they had to check other children in different apartments). It is possible also that they had lightly (or not so lightly) had sedated the children to ensure they could not wake up, quite possibly after finding that she ( Maddy) had woken up the night before whilst they were out (as reported by a neighbour).

But as I have said it's all speculation on my part. However, there is one fact that I find disturbing: how could you leave your babies by themselves? I don't understand that. Especially when they are obviously wealthy enough to pay for it. It makes me mad. If you make a decision to have a baby that is part of the consequences. You can't go out to bars, and leave your babies at home by themselves.



Rae Lachlan's Mumerson said...

Hello there Mrs. Joanface,

I remember the McCann case -- she are a very pretty girl -- but I remember how I think people took it to be the very incarnation of the whole white woman syndrome.

Umm... well yeah it seems a tad absurd that the parents would leave such young children in a hotel in a foreign country unprotected and in a hotel room that is unlocked... Hmm...

Tohou Lidia said...

Yeah I agree - at one point I think - well the parents have something to do with it but then I feel bad because they are obviously going through so much trauma already.

Still - if you kill your baby accidentally, surely you would own up and not launch a worldwide campaign looking for her? The whole thing just seems fishy and impossible that they would have killed her to me but I haven't really been following the case that closely , I admit.

I know its bitter of me but children go missing every year so i'm always amazed what makes the media jump to attention on some cases and not others. Still it's a good thing they did in this little girls case at least.

But yes - why would they leave such young children in a hotel room by themselves? It's like leaving an infant in a car in a shopping centre while you do your shopping - you just don't do it.

Very interesting....



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