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Sep 16, 2007

MY GOALS (Thanks Melissa for the idea ;) )

This is a list of my goals for the next few years. Thanks to Melissa's brilliant mind, who had the idea before me, I am going to list them!

1. To have a baby. No 1 goal. Straight up! Sadly, the reality is my family thinks its a terrible idea for the very reason I think it is great! I want to have a child because it is much easier to do flexible uni then it is to do flexible work. As well, we are in a good location, our house is large enough (just) to have a baby in. I have a partner who luckily enough for me, is great with kids and desperately wants one himself. To me, this is an ideal time to be having a baby! For some people, this time doesn't come till later in life, so I am very happy that it has arrived when it has. Unfortunately for us we are having problems falling pregnant, so I have decided to go on the needle for 3 months and then give it another go! I always think it ironic that all these people that want babies can't have them and those that don't want them at all get them! Ahh it's a great world.

2. Finish Uni: get a Masters/PHD. This is the ultimate dream for me. Whilst atm I am feeling a little blown out, once I get my breath back, I am sure I can fulfill this goal.

3. Have an engagement party. Yes, it seems a long time away, but seriously, time is flying. And there is so much to organise: as can be seen by my other blog! AHHH!

4. Following on from that, I would like to get married: after the baby is born. Strange I know, but I would much rather have the baby there than have it not been born or me be pregnant. I want our child to be part of celebrations. I know many family members want us to be married before the baby is born, but I don't get that. I think we should have the flexiblity to do what we want. After all, our baby, our marriage. And by then we would have been together for around 5 years, so it's a little late to play the virgin bride!

5. I want to take my children travelling. I want to take my kids places. I know of people who have never been out of the state and I think that is soooo sad. I want my kids to see the world, to explore it.

6. Raise awareness of sexual abuse. One of many issues close to my heart. I really want to raise awareness, and let people know it's ok to talk about it. Someone I know finally told their parents about their abuse by a doctor from when they were young. I am so proud of this person. It took alot of guts to do it! And I guess, the situation pointed out to me just how hard it is to speak out about it even to loving supportive parents. And to me that is sad, because it should not be a taboo topic. I know when it comes to my own children, sex is going to be an open topic. It's not going to be taboo. It's not going to be talked about behind closed bedroom doors. Loving, consentual sex created my children, and I want to have open conversations about it fom both a biological and emotional side. But also, I am going to have open conversations about the flip side. From a very young age, my children will be aware of good/bad touching and of the fact that they can say NO if they feel uncomfortable about someone touching them (even when it comes to their father and I). And people I think are really scared, of telling their children that they can say NO. It's like "oh if we encourage them to do that then they will say no to everything". Well, I would much rather my child to say no to everything than something happening to them. But anyways, getting back to the point, sexual abuse awareness needs to increase, and people need to be able to speak up about it if they see it happening to someone!

Thats my list!!



Anonymous said...

Very good goals list, Jo! This blog thing is much easier to manipulate than myspace lol. I'm having trouble setting up a Google account (it won't take my password), so I'll have to try again later ...

Ana :-)

Finbarpurpleton said...

You seem to be stealing peoples ideas lately. First Amy and now me. Not only do you steal the intial ideas, but you make the originals look sad, well mine anyways.

Thanks for the credit and no meaness indtended but I don't go around stealing ideas from your blog, so I guess I was a tad annoyed for some odd reason. I shouldn't be annoyed as one cannot copyright an idea, not to mention I am sure millions of other bloggers have the "my goals" type lists and it would be entirely different if some one plagarised my entire stories. MY ENTIRE STORIES!

Case in point I feel like I am sounding like bitch, which is my entire intention ah hah ha ha ha! Just kidding. No I am just sad that my list looks generic and materialistic compared to yours. I mean you have such deep and meaninful goals and my biggest goal is to go to Brazil for the coffee and buy new electronic equipment? Maybe its just showing how different we really are.



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