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Sep 10, 2007

Why don't we learn from past mistakes?

Why don't we learn from past mistakes indeed. You would think with all the wars this world has experienced, has truly taught us how not to fight. That many people die. That it's a soul wretching thing. But we haven't learnt anything at all: I think this is one of the saddest things about this world. We don't get it. We would rather judge, than live in harmony.

Our world...and we are ruining it!


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Tohou Lidia said...

It's true - history does go in circles! You know I was watching this really interesting doco on SBS the other day called "history of the devil" and they had this really interesting thing about the Bush administration. They compared it to the dark ages where the Catholic church basically said - you are evil and associated with the devil if you are anything but catholic. And then they showed this clip of Bush basically saying "These people are evil" - as in muslims etc...placing peopel in an us them mentality yet again. History really does go in circles.



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