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Oct 1, 2007

Britney Spears: she's done it again!

Hi everybody....

I'd like to say: I do feel sorry for Britney: but not for the reasons most would think. I feel sorry for her because she has made so many bad decisions and chosen the wrong friends and support group. She has become a victim of her own choices. And now, thanks to those choices, she has lost her children.

You know what I would love to talk to Britney...find out whats happening in that head of hers. What makes her do the things she does. But I would also inform her as to how lucky she is to have children. How they are a wonderful gift and not something to be thrown around. They are little human beings and are supposed to be the centre of your world, not you yourself. Britney darling, start giving to the future, not the present. Give your love and all your attention to your boys, and in 10, 20 years you will be so thankful you did, instead of sacrificing yourself to the media and world-wide fame. Fade away, Britney. Go and lead a life away from cameras: and don't say it can't be done: because it has. You need to do this, because I am so afraid, that one day, your boys won't have their mother: and that would be tragic.



Herr Tituba said...

Hey Jo,

My two cents on the Britney thing -- I concur, I do believe that she has been a bit mutilated by fame, but I disagree with the idea that children should be the center of your world -- they should be an important part of your world, of course, they need to be looked after, but YOU should be the center of your own world. I have a feeling, though, that Britney didn't want the children in the first place. I mean, she doesn't really seem to be trying to connect to them at the moment, really. The whole scaring them by talking to them in a strange language -- I think that's something very personal to her that does not include her children...

Um, yeah.

Tohou Lidia said...

I remember I loved Britney when she first came out - like most pre teens at that time I guess! I think she has been exploited alot. I mean, she's pretty much a money making machine!

But i agree - her kids need a proper life. It just saddens me that her mistakes are affecting the little people she is supposed to be protecting!

Luv Amy


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