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Oct 17, 2007

Jo's world and Dear Mr Howard!

Ahhhh yes! I have been neglecting my blog of late. Isn't it terrible??

So what is happening in the world of Princess Jo?? Not much really. I have become addicted once again to Sims, but I think the mania is slowing. But in saying that, it is very addictive, so I could quite possibly be addicted for the rest of the year!!

And the election has been called: yipee! But John Howard is running scared I think. So what does he do to try and stay in? Offer tax cuts to the wealthy, and kinda make the middle class worse off. Sorry Mr Howard. It doesn't work. So here is another letter to Mr Howard:

Dear Mr Howard,

You may have bought us off with tax cuts for years, but not this time. This time you should have used the money on improving our hospitals, social services for abused children (of all races), improving universities and schools and cutting fuel taxes. You have lost your ability to read and therefore, manipulate the nation, Mr Prime Minister. And you don't get it. You have become so addicted to the power of your position, you think your 'years of experience' will save you. Get down here among the masses, and see the truth. We are, quite frankly, tired of you and your lies and manipulation. We are tired of you being up George Bush's arse. We are tired of you sending our troops to other people's wars. We are tired of our soldiers coming in bodybags. We are tired of the 'work choices' which provide no choices at all. We are tired of bad health care. We are tired of our schools and universities not recieving enough funding. We are tired of your dilly-dallying over indigenous issues. We are tired of high fuel costs and high interest rates. WE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF YOU, Mr Howard. Hear our message and retire peacefully!


In case you don't know, I am voting Labor. So this post is bias!


Lidia said...

Totally totally agree! I still can't belive Howard is still in. They call him a clever politican. I call him a dishonest politican. He's stayed where he is today through campaigns of fear.

Greens and Democrats all the way for me I believe.

Oh and also


Yes...I changed it yet again!


Luv Amy

Lidia said...

Ok...scratch that last entry! I changed my blog title, layout and everything about it :P

So the new address is:


Sorry for changing it yet again!

Luv Amy

Finbarpurpleton said...

I agree with you Jo. I wish I could vote! Because I'd vote Labor!

Oh wells I'll catch you around uni lodge sometime I guarantee it!

Melissa :)


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