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Nov 22, 2007

Advance Australia Where; indeed...

Hi all,

I have just finished reading Advance Australia...Where? by Hugh Mackay. I must say an interesting read, with lots of interesting stats...

The one thing that I find fascinating about Australia's society is the age most women are giving birth (30), and in turn, the prejudices that women who are having babies at other ages experience (which coincidently never gets mentioned). As someone who unashamedly wants a baby before I am 25, I have experienced this and I think it it is sooo wrong!

I get a lot of "But you are too young". Well, I am sorry, but since time began, it has been more normal for people my age to be having a child. It is only in the last thirty years that things have changed...

And then there is "well you haven't seen life". Ha!! I have seen plenty of it, thankyou! I have done plenty of traveling and had plenty of "life issues". Anything else I want to do, I want to do with my children.

And what about "what about university and your career"....OMG! Uni can be flexible you know. There is no way I am going to just sit at home and do childcare for the rest of my life. I want to keep on studying right through those years. As to career: I have never been too impressed on those things: I don't get the point! I want to lecture or something at some stage, but it's not EVERYTHING!

I hear "but you're not financially stable" a lot too. Umm...yes but who is: and we are far from the gutter. We are most certainly comfortable...to me that is better than having thousands in the bank. Money goes to my head, and I know too many kids who grew up with it and are obsessed. I don't want my kids to be brought up in a money obsessed house....What's wrong with NOT giving a child absolutely everything? Whats wrong with several favourite toys instead of dozens that just get broken? I would rather my children be encouraged to use their imaginations and creativity, than have the latest playstation handed to them on a silver platter.

And there is the "biggie": "but you are not married: there are certain ways of doing things". Sorry, don't care: fullstop. I have always said I would prefer my first child to be there on the big day. I don't particularly want to be the "virgin bride": not my thing: and it's kinda too late for that!!

But those are my arguments: lets hear yours!!

Something else that has been interesting me of late: "extended breastfeeding" (or breastfeeding over a year). I was having a conversation with Justin's mum about it: she firmly believes that breastfeeding should end at 10 months. I was like "well I'd probably prefer to do it for a bit longer: or until I felt ready to stop": she blew me out of the water. I kept pointing out that the World Health Organisation says that you should do till at least 2 (or longer if you can manage it), and she turned around and said but that was only for 3rd world countries and because we have abundance of healthy foods breastfeeding is no longer required after 10 months.

Well, this is the way I see it: breast milk is made especially for your baby, therefore it is healthier than any other options for at least the first 12 months. I know personally, I would like to solely breastfeed for as long as I felt comfortable (at this stage I am thinking to 1 yr) and then partly wean (mix breastfeeding and normal foods) for another year until 2 when they *hopefully* will be fully weaned. But even that could change: it would really depend on the baby and my comfort level with breastfeeding in the first place. I am not against bottle/formula feeding, nor am I against early weaning: in fact, I would do one or both of those options in a heartbeat if I didn't enjoy breastfeeding or couldn't breastfeed. But, respectfully, I don't agree with Justin's mum either: I just hope they don't give me too much pain when the time comes and I (or if I do) do decide to go past that 10 month mark. It will be very interesting!! What do you think??

And this is my 100th entry!! GO ME!


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