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Nov 18, 2007

Christmas Parties and other thoughts

Hi everyone!

Yes... a Christmas party is happening.... Atm (I still haven't checked with everyone...or anyone for that matter) it will be on 14th of December at my house...Other than that I know nothing!! I will let everyone know more closer to the time, when I know a bit more of what is happening!

So what have I been thinking about?? Well, I have been obsessing about music (as you do). I love "Delilah" by the Plain White Ts. It is such a pretty song....very peaceful, and I like the accompaniment as well.

Election this Saturday....YAH!! I am leading towards the Labor/Greens combination atm. Screw Liberal: they can jump off a cliff for all I care. Whilst I hope Rudd gets in, I'd have to agree this really has been a campaign of and about nothing. To say nothing of the me-tooism that is getting on my nerves: thank God it's nearly over. I think in the end the election is going to be about people voting out the person they hate the most (I would think that would be Howard) and voting in the person they hate the less. I must say myself i havent been too impressed with either party these last few weeks. There has really been too much spin doctoring and not enough real thoughts from the candidates. And they been really avoiding issues: like child protection and university issues. I realise this slightly biased on my part, as these are issues that directly affect me, but to me child protection at least is something more people should worried about: rather than interest rates or the "education revolution" (Sorry Rudd: I am really sick of those two words)....

Anyways must run and start cleaning the house...otherwise it is never going to get done!



Lidia said...

Hey Jo!

Couldn't have said it better myself! It really is about the lesser of two evils...although I can't deny I'm scared of Kevin Rudd. I'm going to vote for an Independent than give second preferences to Greens in the House of Reps. There is a great site run by getup at www.howshouldivote.com.au which asks you a quiz and then at the end shows you how well your answers coincide with each candidate's policies. Then you can look up your candidate and see for yourself. It's really helpful!

I can't wait for the election! I'm so excited to see who bennelong falls to!

Luv Amy

Lidia said...

Oh I forgot!

OH nooooo!!! It's on the 14th? I get in on the 15th!! But i was thinking of having like a little afternoon get together down Emu Park - like an afternoon swim and then dinner - maybe on the Sunday depending on whether my parents let me use the car! Cross my fingers!

But anyway, i'll see ya anyway on Saturday!

Luv Amy


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