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Nov 11, 2007

For the sake of my own sanity....

Hi all...

With all the uproar going on with DoCS, I am amazed neither party has jumped on the issue and offered any kind of policy to fix the problem...Once again the government is living in LALA LAND...and not focusing on things that matter...

But anyways, for the sake of my own sanity, I am not going to focus on that this whole entry...

I have become addicted to Halo LAN parties!! OMG they are so fun and crazy...Strangely geeky of me, I know, but who gives a crap?? I love it....Very good stress release, especially when you are the only girl out of a bunch of guys!! Which means of course, you can viciously hit them....lol....not really boys!! I am slowly getting better at Halo too...last night I finally reached 20 kills in one round! I was really excited....which is strange for me, because I never really did care about winning! It's good too because I am getting to know more of Justin's mates, which can only be good: and they all seem to like me (even better)!!

I went to see a movie yesturday: the new Quentin Tarantino one: Death Proof... I highly recommend it. A bit violent, but nothing too bad. They made it 1970's arthouse style: they even deliberately destroyed and damaged various parts of the film. It was a really interesting from an analytical point of view as well. The whole film both contradicted and supported the stereotypical female role: you will have to watch it to see what I mean...I have never (as far as I know) watched a Quentin Tarantino movie before, so it was interesting to see his work. I must say I was impressed, and the camera shots etc were really interesting!


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Lidia said...

OH my gosh Jo! What happenned to the sweet girl in pink??? First Halo then Quentin Tarintino??? :P Haha, i'm just kidding! I don't really like video games but I liked Kill Bill vol 1! I wanted to see Death Proof - it looks interesting!

You know if you get really good you can actually make money from Halo and gaming? I think Halo is one of the games which has heaps of money behind it...

Luv Moi


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