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Nov 26, 2007

Jo's Life!

Hi all of you!

So what has been happening in Jo's life today? Well not much actually. Yesterday I cleaned the spare bedroom and our bedroom: that was fun: except for the allergies it caused. I was going to clean the office and bathroom today, but thanks to a lack of sleep and forsaid allergies I only got the bathroom done: sigh! Oh well, I will finish the rest of the house tomorrow or the day after: I plan to go to a friends tomorrow.

And oh yes, exciting news on my front! I will be looking after Mia over the weekend: how lovely will that be! I have been looking forward to taking the princess out... And now I get to! The less fun bit will be the feeds and nappy changes, but I have done those a few times now..or many really, when I think about all the other kids I have looked after! But, it will be lovely to "adopt" her for a day and spoil her rotten (Even though she is a bit young for that)!



Lidia said...

Hi princes ;)

Well by the time I write this it is a bit outdated :P

I hope you had fun with little Mia ;) It's a cute name! I would love to adopt kids but i think it is so hard now adays! It's such a shame. Fostering is also a good way to go - they are always short of foster parents looking for a good home!

Luv amy

Lidia said...

oops! I forgot the s! I meant princess!!!



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