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Nov 24, 2007

KEVIN 07 ! ! ! ! ! !

Hiya Everyone:

So Kevin Rudd has won. I can't say I was amazed, but I was certainly shocked by the margin. I am very happy about it: I think it was time for a change....

But what about John Howard? he got entirely kicked out: both of his seat and prime ministership. I can't say I am sorry for him as such, because he should have pulled out 6 months (or more) ago, instead of trying to hang on. But I do think on the other hand, that it was a shame he left the way he did: but as I have said, he only had himself to blame for that. He will go down in history and the man who hung on too long: who froze when he should have acted and above all, started to think too highly of himself and his bench and forgot the Australian people...

And Kevin Rudd? I think it is wonderful he has won: he has been a long time favourite of mine. His acceptance speech was brillant and I think, the most humanising one he has made all campaign. I just hope that he doesn't forget what got him there: the Australian people. It seems to me, that the longer people stay in that Lodge the more ignorant they become....lol!


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Lidia said...

Hi your royal highness ;)

I was so happy with the result!!! I wasn't sorry for Howard but I was a bit sorry for Costello. I've actually never been one of those Costello-haters, and i've sure the swing wouldn't have been so big if Howard had just handed over the leadership and retreated to the backbench while he still had some dignity.

I was surprised with some of the seats - definately Longman and Leichhardt! Leichhardt had a margin of ten percent!!!! It was crazy!

Do you know that Rudd has always had a lot of enemies within Labor? Insiders say that not many like him and some reackon he'll face a leadership battle before the term ends. Will be interesting to see who his front bench is though, seeing as he has a mandate to select it himself...

Luv Amy


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