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Nov 3, 2007

Pedophiles and the winds of change.

Hi guys,

Check this out: http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/story/0,23739,22688677-5007200,00.html

It made me so mad!! This my comment I made in return:

As a victim myself, I think it is high time that WE are given the right to choose where these offenders live: or at least the conditions of their release. Surely as victims we know in our hearts whether or not this person will offend again. And I am sorry, Judy Spence, but to say that these men are all right, because they live in country towns, where everyone knows everything??? I come from a country town: that is where the abuse happened: after reports of my abuse came out, my abuser was accepted back into the community and allowed near children again simply because he had apologised; however barely two years later further disturbing revelations were made that actually finally put my abuser in prison.

I would like to say to all the comments made in this story: Have any of you met a paedophile? Chances are you have and didn't know it: you must realise that these people are extremely conniving and opportunity driven. I lived with mine and trust me, this isn't a normal, sane person we are dealing with here. These people need to be watched extremely closely: they are very good liars and manipulators. Integrate back into the community? HA! These people were never integrated in the first place!

I think it is time that the rules change. I think it is time that victims have more of a say as to where these men/people live. For me myself, I ultimately believe there are two options:

1. They are kept in prison. No buts, yes's or maybe's. This would be especially for people like Fardon.
2. They are kept away from the general public in towns created especially for this purpose. Essentially the towns would be like Big Brother (constantly watched) and quarantined. Internet access would be either monitored or restricted all together.

I am sorry, but that is the way I see it. The victims could have a say as to which combination they would prefer. I guess I just find the whole system annoying.....sigh!


1 comment:

Lidia said...


I agree - I think so often (especially in sex related crimes) the victim is usually the one traumatised most by the system. And its amazing that something which everyone is publically against - such as paedophelia - could be an issue which divides opinion!

Luv Amy


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