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Nov 14, 2007


Hi all....

SO what has been going on in Jo's life? Not much actually....

A friend of mine visited Justin yesterday worried about me..now don't get me wrong, I really appreciate the concern, and the friendship type feelings involved! BUT I AM FINE. I realise I have been very withdrawn lately but that has been for some very good reasons:

1. I am taking some time for myself and doing what I want to do. Eg: Playing computer games, cooking and just relaxing. Now this wasn't against anyone, nor did I intentionally ignore everyone: I was just in my own zone, trying to relax and chill and centre myself again.

2. I have been reading a lot, trying to stop this huge writing block I have been having...I think it is working....!! YAH! But anyways, it has required a lot of attention on my part. Namely so I can focus and just learn...

3. I have been enjoying spending some time with my birds: I have been neglecting them a little of late (and I am going away next month) so I have just just been focusing on them for once.

4. I have been saving all my energy for the months ahead. In the next 4 months I have to:
* Organise an engagement party
* Go on a two week holiday to Melbourne/ Mt Beauty
* Have multiple dinner parties
* Help make a movie
* Start Uni....
So I am really trying to just stay in the zone and get some "me time" in before the craziness of December, January, February and March set in....and trust me, it's going to be insane. With over 150+ people on the invitation list already thats a lot of people to organise, sort and prepare for. So I am kinda just relaxing atm....

I am not trying to cut anyone off or anything like that, I am just trying to take some some time off. Sorry people!!


1 comment:

Lidia said...

Hey Jo!
I agree - sometimes you just need time to yourself, especially at the end of the year!

When are you going to Melbourne? will you be in Rocky on December 15? Cause we're all going out :P

You are like my mum - she is obsessed with her bird! But they are devine creatures!

Luv Amy


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