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Nov 7, 2007

Sad, Sad World!


Another sad part of saga that has become Shellay Ward's life... what is happening in this world??

A quote from the story:

"Education Minister John Della Bosca would not comment on Shellay's case, and refused to be drawn on whether his department had failed her.

However, he announced that parents who keep school-aged children from attending school will be given fewer chances before being prosecuted.

"Parents have numerous options about the schooling of their children - not educating them is not one of those options," he said.

"I have today spoken with the director-general and directed him that I want the law enforced, with less latitude offered to parents who consistently fail to cooperate."

NSW Premier Morris Iemma would not comment on the case and said it would be some time before DoCS fills up to 68 vacant positions in the Hunter Valley for case workers.

Mr Iemma said Community Services Minister Kevin Greene continued to have his full support.

"It's not a case of that just overnight you can recruit and train all these experts, these front-line workers, because it does take time to train them because the expertise required is significant," Mr Iemma told ABC radio.

"We ought not to also make the assumption that every time a distressing event happens that somehow it's the fault of a DoCS worker." "

Umm....I am not blaming the DoCS worker....but how come it only now they are looking at filling these positions...maybe if they had filled them before, this child would be alive.

Ummm... it's a sad, sad world!!!



Lidia said...

I have been following this story too! For it too have come on the heels of the death of little Dean Shillingsworth should really put pressure on DOCs and the Iemma government. To me, they just don't have an excuse. This was a little girl who starved. It just annoys me soooo much.

But i just wonder what it's like in Queensland...it can't be much better.

Finbarpurpleton said...

I agree its a really sad thing that happened. I also agree with your preivious entry people seem more obsessed with interest rates and Melbourne Cup that little children who had a whole future ahead of them cut short because of negligence. Its unfair.

Melissa :)


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