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Dec 10, 2007


Hi everyone,

You know what has been annoying me of late: this story

Come on! She is a 10 year old girl. And to say essentially that she asked for it! Grrr...the system does it again! What makes this whole story worse is that she had been abused prior to this. Not only that, but she had been removed from her community and placed with foster carers: only to be returned once again because of the fact that the foster carers were non-indigenous and DOCS were afraid it would be seen as a 'stolen generation" case. GET OVER IT: surely the child's safety is more important.

But now the Premier wants an inquiry into the court decisions over the past few years in that area. I am sorry Premier, but that simply is not enough. As much as everyone tries to deny it, this is happening EVERYWHERE. One article I read said that if it happened to a "pretty white girl" the offenders would be thrown instantly into jail. Ha: yeah right. This country has national epidemic of lenient sentences handed to monsters. Whether you are black or white, this is happening. I suggest that instead an inquiry is run into both DOCS and the court system: and the very real environment of denial and "washing over" is exposed.

And then there is the case of the mother who dumped a newborn beside a highway. At this stage it isn't known whether the child was alive or dead at the time. She had had contact with DOCS days before, and they hadn't realized she was pregnant...Just shows you how observant they are. Makes you wonder hey?


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Lidia said...

Hey Jo!

As you can imagine, being at an Indigenous newspaper, i've been filing countless stories on this subject.

It's very disturbing and disgusting but especially in the case, the onus is very much up to the government to start putting in some serious social programs in Aurukun - otherwise this stuff is going to continue happening! I mean - this is a community with serious overcrowding, health, social, violence problems...

But have you noticed that the media just keep reporting that there should have been a tougher sentence? Of course there shoudl have been a tougher sentence but how did Aurukun and these men get to this point? Countless reports have shown that it is a cycle of sexual abuse, where the perpetrators have been victims themselves. It just annoys me that our solutions are so short term. And how is this girl going to be protected as she grows up? She was sent back to the community after being raped at seven, only to be raped again. It's disgusting! Tougher sentencing is a priority, but there also needs to be more discussion. This isn't an open shut issue - it's very complex.

And there desperately needs to be an inquiry or something along those sorts of lines into all state child care departments. I mean - we saw in NSW how case after case just kept on coming out. Do people realize that these are our children and money shoudl continue to be thrown at this problem until it is solved? At least one of the Child Safety workers involed in this case has been suspended. But we need to desperately hold the governments to account.

But I desperately want to hear the full story from the judge. I just can't believe anyone would be so heartless to suggest she "agreed" to have sex with nine men at the age of ten.

Keep blogging :) I love discussing these topics on this blog!



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