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Dec 15, 2007

Party hard, Party well!

Dear All,

I am the first out of all my friends to post after last night :-P : and what a night it was!

It was very exciting: Melissa and I both had new outfits: and I think it paid off didn't it Melissa?? :-) Someone certainly scored (I don't know what yet) last night....wooot Philip and Melissa!

As for me, Chris and Amy, it was totally fun. My god: and I even got past my usual 12pm "Cinderella" hour: I lasted till 2:30am: so totally worth it even though I woke up at 5:30am this morning feeling like shit. However I would like to say that I managed to go back asleep till 8:30am which isn't much better!

I don't know about everyone else, but my feet are killing me....Ahhhh the agony! I think I have lots of bruises: lovely!

Ummmm and the fact people kept trying to pick me up last night impressed me to no end. And then, a guy I knew tried hitting on me: and I knew he had a GF: :-S it made me mad, because I knew if Justin did a similar thing, I would kill him!

Yes it was fun: and I had my first cock sucking cowboy: liked it alot! Yummy! Didn't drink anything else (but water) the whole entire night, but it seemed to give me enough of a buzz until the adrenaline kicked in....

But all in all, it was seriously worth it....Good times were had by all!


1 comment:

Lidia said...

Haha - it was awesome fun :P Chris and I ended up staying up until 4 but I thought you stayed up a bit later? Oh well, it was still awesome fun!

I loved the photos as well, only it sucks I blurred the ones of you and Justin! Sorry about that!



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