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Dec 4, 2007

Prams and Ear Infections!

Hi All,

Everything went well over the weekend: I suddenly remembered that whilst babies take less "effort", in many ways they are so much more exhausting! What a paradox..! But it always is worth it when they give you smiles! Mia is definitely a good baby however...no waking up in the night and no real screaming! Hip-hip-hurray! I can only hope any babies I have are just as good! However, I hated her pram: it was 3-wheeled one: and let me tell you, I am never getting one: they are down right dangerous! I have always been a fan of 4 wheeled ones: and now I know why. Least I have chance in hell of folding them...forget it with Mia's...Let me tell you there are negatives to being short in this whole baby thing: 1. Prams must be a certain height so you can fold them/push them comfortably. 2. Change tables also have to be a certain height or else you are constantly stretching! I think for my own babies I will use/covert the top of my old dresser because it is a much better height for me: either that or just do them on a change mat on the floor!

Anyways, I have been busy taking it easy the last few days: I came down with a little cough and ear infection yesterday and today...so I have been a recluse! Sorry once again people...


1 comment:

Lidia said...

Hey Jo!

Haha - it sounds like fun! I love little babies - I am becoming obsessed with them as I get older!

My brothers had the biggest most annoying pram - because they're twins my parents got one where both seats are horizontal too each other. It was hard to push in shopping centres ;)

Hope you get better!



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